A downloadable game for Windows

Full version development is paused for a while. This is a prototype.

No planned release date yet, but here's a little sneak peak from development process (2018-04-20).



Westwood Hills Hospital is a short 3D exploration game, where you walk through an abandoned hospital. When you suddenly notice that your phone's battery is dying and exploration becomes a tad unsettling...

This game was developed over the course of 48h in LuduDare39 Compo mode. The theme of this event was "Running out of power".

This can be considered an alpha prototype version. Wether a full version will be developed depends on how well this prototype will be received by the players.

If you liked the game, please leave a review and/or rate it in LudumDare website. Your input is greatly appreciated.

NOTICE: I did not include web build because I received some negative comments about web build’s quality for this particular game. I do apologize for inconvenience that you have to download .zip archive. Thank you!

NOTICE2: If your mouse is inverted, click F1 or F2 to reverse mouse horizontally or vertically.


Lawrence Lazauskas  |  @sleepy_byte


Westwood Hills Hospital_Windows.zip 17 MB
Westwood Hills Hospital_For_32bit_Windows.zip 15 MB


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Gave it a go...

This was a nice little game, short but good. No Jump scares and much to do. There is a lot of potential though. Hope they expand on it, like explore more of the hospital, did the cops come, did the cops come and end up in an ambush, figure out the mystery.

Hi, thanks for playing :)

Made a video

What's up everyone? My name is Slester, so this is a very short game. It is an alpha version of the game so can't really say anything about the game. I wish there was some jumpscare and scary moments but unfortunately there wasn't. Anyways so here is my gameplay video i hope you guys will enjoy it!


This was interesting to play! Not a lot of gameplay as its only 4 minutes long, but it is a good start and sort of reminds my of spooky's house of jumpscares as far as its art style goes. I hope you enjoy the video!

Had potential, didn't really amount to anything, unfortunately. The visuals were nice, though there was a little too much motion blur for my taste. Nice job regardless!

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Thank you for playing. 

I kind of had to cut out some stuff to fit in time. I guess I need to learn to plan better, or program faster. :)

EDIT: you were not the first to mention motion blur, so I cut back on it in new build. :)

I loved the ending, even if it was a bit short! Great entry for a jam! 

*Rurr* - I gave the game a go and tried it out, a lot shorter than I was expecting, reminds me a bit of Into the Gloom - am sure there's a lot that could be expanded if this game sought to become larger than its 48-hour form, but who knows :p